Introduction to Youth Leads Training

In Section Three, you learned about the important roles and responsibilities a Youth Lead plays in the YMHAC Initiative. This section covers a useful overview of the necessary tools and resources Youth Leads need in an informative and educational training program.

Your Youth Leads training program should meet the following objectives.

  1. Provide background knowledge and understanding about mental health, stress and wellness through the use of an interactive web-based resource, videos and reflective activities.
  2. Provide background knowledge and understanding about substance use, stigma reduction, resiliency building, youth leadership and youth engagement best practices.
  3. Inform about local community resources available to support mental health and well-being.
  4. Inform about the YMHAC Initiative and their role in the project.

Public Health and School Mental Health ASSIST Leads can oversee the logistical aspects and planning of the Youth Leads Training to ensure all participating individuals and schools are aware of their roles and responsibilities for the day.

Don’t skip planning for training; as well, Youth Leads are required to complete both planning for training (Section  5.1) as well, Youth Leads are required to complete both  Part I and Part II of the their training.

As mentioned in Section Three, based on group dynamic and preference, there is the option of omitting the Youth Lead role. In that case, the training in this section must be provided to the Youth Champions to ensure all tasks are met.