5.2 - Youth Leads Training (Part I & II)

Youth Leads YMHAC Orientation Training (Part I)

Length: 5-6 hours

Organizers/facilitators: Public Health Leads and Mental Health Leads

If necessary, the delivery format of the orientation can be adapted to support and accommodate schedules of individuals involved, availability of work space, etc. As well, you can break up the sessions over several extended lunch hours, for example.

However, you will need to include the following content:

  • Overview of the YMHAC Initiative;
  • Introduction of Youth Leads to their Youth Lead colleagues, Public Health Leads, Mental Health ASSIST Leads, and School Staff Leads;
  • Workbooks that include curriculum and activities focused on: mental health and well-being, stigma in mental illness, stress and self-management strategies, substance use, overview of provincial and locally based resources to support youth mental health and well-being. Use this tool containing handy learning activities; Youth Lead Orientation Workbook; and
  • A scavenger hunt to create awareness of locally based resources to support youth.

Tips for a Successful Training!

  • Explore ways to make the content exciting and engaging for youth.
  • Ensure that all food provided is healthy and nutritious.
  • Be sure to schedule breaks to prevent information overload.

Youth Leads Foundational Training (Part II)

Length: 1 day

Organizers/facilitators: School Staff Leads, Public Health Leads, and School Mental Health ASSIST Leads, if available.

You may want to explore hosting this event at a site other than your school, and consider including neighbouring schools participating in the project.

Regardless of where you locate the training day, make sure the content covers the following themes:

  • Mental health and illness;
  • Substance use/misuse;
  • Stigma reduction;
  • Resiliency building;
  • Youth leadership; and
  • Youth engagement best practices.

For a one-day sample itinerary, see Youth Leads Foundational Training Agenda