3.0 - Who Does What

As you learned in Section Two, teamwork is the foundation of the YMHAC Initiative success. However, various roles are assigned while delivering the YMHAC Initiative, and five have been identified as integral.

  • Adult Mental Health Lead
  • Adult Public Health Lead
  • Adult School Staff Lead
  • Youth Lead
  • Youth Champions

Think of these roles as different spokes on a wheel: to ensure sustainability, each of the roles come with specific responsibilities that complement and support each other. Keep in mind that each role must have at least one individual assigned to manage the role’s responsibilities; for Youth Champions the responsibilities can be split among a group of youth and young adults as long as one person oversees the tasks.


Collecting Consent! You will need the formal consent of parents of youth who are interested in participating as youth leads or youth Champions. See the the YMHAC Initiative Parental Consent Form.

Roles and Responsibility Exceptions

Based on group dynamic and preference, there is the option of modifying the Youth Lead role so that it is combined with the Youth Champions role. Please note if this route is employed, the responsibilities associated to the Youth Lead must be distributed to the Youth Champions to ensure all tasks are achieved.

Also, if the Initiative is implemented in a community agency, rather than in a school-based environment, agency staff would take on the responsibilities of the School Staff Lead to the best of their ability.

Finally, changes to the responsibilities can be made; however all responsibilities must be assigned to a lead.

Learn more by clicking on one of the following roles. Remember, collaboration is essential to the efficiency of the YMHAC Initiative!

Youth Lead Role

Youth Champions Role

Public Health Lead Role

School Staff Lead Role

Mental Health Lead Role