6.2 Youth Champion Network Training Workshop Content

Once you have carried out necessary planning arrangements for the Youth Champion training/workshop you will need to focus on providing quality, impactful content. Focusing on engaging and involving Youth Leads in as many components and decisions regarding the workshop as possible will improve outcomes.

Additional tips include:

  • Encourage Public Health Staff Leads and Public Health Nurses to participate in training/workshop activities and facilitate small group discussions that are led by Youth Leads;
  • Encourage action-oriented, interactive and enjoyable activities;
  • Encourage creativity in the delivery of the training/ workshop and be patient with each individual’s process around preparation for presenting;
  • Provide incentives, recognition and resources;
  • Provide an opportunity at the training/workshop for students to start to develop a School Action Plan; and
  • Obtain workshop feedback (see Section Seven)

Ease tension! When the conversation got too heavy, the YMHAC pilot project team used ‘disruptor videos’—inspirational, fun and motivational tools— that helped keep everyone focused on learning in a positive way.

For a handy training tool, see 6.3 - Network of Champion  Interactive Tool.

Also, check out an example of a Youth Champion Network Training Workshop.