7.1 Evaluation Plan

Why Evaluate Your Program

You didn’t invest all this energy into a program that fails to meet its objectives. . . that’s why evaluation is an important step in your program planning and implementation.

Assessing the activities, support, resources, and outcomes of your program will inform YHMAC Initiative’s effectiveness, and identify improvements that may be required in future program development.

An evaluation plan should be developed as part of the initial program planning. This will help you to determine what data you will need, as well as why, where, when and how the data will be collected.

Handy resource! A comprehensive evaluation strategy was developed by RNAO in consultation with an evaluation expert for the 2013-2015 pilot of the YMHAC Initiative. From our learning’s, we have outlined some critical components that include a brief background and samples of the evaluation tools we used during the pilot project. Download the YMHAC Pilot Evaluation Executive Summary