Achieving Excellence

Ministry of Education— Achieving Excellence

A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario builds on the education system’s three current priorities: increasing student achievement, closing gaps in student achievement and increasing public confidence in publicly funded education. It encompasses these goals and reaches deeper and broader, raising expectations both for the system and for the potential of children and students. The renewed goals for education are:

  1. Achieving Excellence:  Children and students of all ages will achieve high levels of academic performance, acquire valuable skills and demonstrate good citizenship. Educators will be supported in learning continuously and will be recognized as among the best in the world.
  2. Ensuring Equity: All children and students will be inspired to reach their full potential, with access to rich learning experiences that begin at birth and continue into adulthood.
  3. Promoting Well-being: All children and students will develop enhanced mental and physical health, a positive sense of self and belonging, and the skills to make positive choices.
  4. Enhancing Public Confidence: Ontarian’s will continue to have confidence in a publicly funded education system that helps develop new generations of confident, capable and caring citizens.
“The above four goals are interconnected—success in one contributes to success in the others. Progress over the last 10 years tells us that when educators, students, parents and guardians, and our many other partners focus on a small number of clearly defined goals, those goals can be achieved” (Ministry of Education Achieving Excellence, 2014, page 3).

This is a seminal point for School Mental Health in Ontario. Achieving Excellence places student mental health and well-being firmly on the map of Ontario’s Vision for Education.

Mental Health Leaders should familiarize themselves with Achieving Excellence, as it is a foundational piece to the work of School Mental Health and Mental Health Leaders.